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1907 The Major and The Lady

The owner of the Oxenham Arms from 1907 was a man called Major Pat a' Beckett. So in 1908 Major Patrick Forbes Winslow a' Beckett married the grandaughter of Lord Kitchener , Lady Nora Francis Fanny Kitchener. They lived at the Oxenham Arms as their home. The Major was a collector of fine European art paintings. Tourists and guests, mainly Americans would visit The Oxenham Arms. In addition, The Major had amassed the worlds largest collection of matchbox covers. and he stuck these to the passagway walls on the upper floors for hotel guests to see. As time went on however he grew tired of repeatedly answering the same questions to American hotel guests and so wrote to The Times newspaper requesting that no more Americans should book rooms in his hotel. "The Major" was a big pipe smoker. Frequently over the past 50 or so years, guests have reported smelling pipe smoke around 8.30AM in the morning and around 9PM in the evening. The Major and Lady Kitchener had no children and so when he passed away in 1941 The Oxenham Arms was sold. However he had two items dsiplayed in the bar which were owned by Lord Kitchener, a middle eastern knife and a ankus, a device for controlling the direction and speed of an elephant. Both of these items are still on display in the 1477 bar.

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1936 and Wills Old Inns of England.

In the year 1936, Wills Tobacco company of England, designed and released a full set of 40 Cigarette cards for their customers to collect which listed the Inns which in their view were the oldest and finest inns throughout England.  The Oxenham Arms at South Zeal was one of those Cogarette cards.



1936 and Wills Old Inns of England.


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